/ Dehumidifiers

Taking excess humidity from the air, the collector condenses it and collects in a tank and later the condensate is discarded. This helps to drop the relative humidity.

Dehumidifiers come in different sizes. Under certain conditions they collect even up to 8 or 10 litres. It is best to choose a dehumidifier according to square perimeter of the room and the information about this can be found in the instructions.

Most important technical parameter of the appliance is performance, in other words, how much water it can collect. “The most important aspect is to not choose a dehumidifier of the lowest capacity as it will reduce the moisture level but may not reach a comfortable level”.

One device can be chosen for a 3–4 room apartment and it will solve the problem of moisture if it is transported. If the doors are open in the house, natural moisture exchange takes place: „Moisture cannot be only in one place, it spreads.

In no way one room will be dry while the other is humid. Dehumidifiers perform a forced air circulation, so they may need to be carried to the most relevant places, for example, where clothes are hung and similar.

These Two 30 And 40 Pints Soleus TDA30 And Soleus TDA45E Are The Best For This PRICE!!!!











Product Features:

  • Energy Star Rated.
  • Portable Design.
  • Humidistat.
  • Continuous Operation Mode.
  • Large Water Collection Bucket.
  • Heavy Duty Casters.
  • Carry Handle. 


The One Below Is A Bit More Expensive, But Still Great For This PRICE Because Soleus LX-140 DB Is All Season Comfort Control With 10,000 Btu Ac And 10,200 Btu Heater And Also Capacity 60 Pints. 

Product Features:

  • Voltage: 115V (60Hz)
  • Watts: Cool 1390W
  • Amps: Cool 12.5A
  • Watts: Heat 1180W
  • Amps: Heat 11A
  • Dehumidifier Capacity: 60 Pints/day
  • Air Flow: 225 CFM
  • Noise Level: 46 dB(A)
  • Refrigerant: R-410A



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They are now introducing their own line, Soleus Air to retail. On the commercial side, contractors and builders know Soleus Air and their quality and dependability.